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KitchenAid Deluxe Hand Blender Recipe - Sara Todd’s Tea cured kingfish with fennel, radish and lemon cream

To cure or not to cure? That is the question. I say cure! With the use of salt and sugar you are able to enclose the complex essence of the fish, keeping it’s beautiful texture and enrich it with a unique flavour twist. Nothing compliments a beautiful summer lunch more than fresh, cured fish. This dish is simple to make, healthy and incredibly delicious. Serves 6.


1kg kingfish or other good quality white fish

50g English breakfast tea
20g nori Sheets
425g caster sugar
500g rock salt

2 yolks
large pinch of sea salt
1 tsp mustard
150ml vegetable oil
½ lemon squeezed

To Serve
¼ fennel shaved on mandolin
5 small radishes sliced on mandolin


To Cure
Fit the chopper blade to the chopping attachment. Add all cure ingredients to the chopper container. Attached the blending arm, turn to speed 5 and blitz ingredients into a fine crumb.

Pour half of the cure mixture on to a large sheet of cling wrap, place fish on top then pour on the rest of the cure mixture. Wrap tightly and place in the fridge for 4 hours.

Remove from fridge and rinse with cold water until cure mixture is removed.

Dry with paper towel and slice ½ cm thick slices.

Place yolks, salt and mustard into the hand blender beaker. Fit the s-blade attachment to the blending arm, place blending arm into mixture, turn to speed 3 and slowly blend ingredients.

While blending yolk mixture slowly, drizzle in oil. This will emulsify and create a beautiful thick mayonnaise.

Stir lemon juice into mayonnaise.

To Serve
Place sliced fish on plate and spoon tiny dollops of mayonnaise over fish and on plate

Layer with radish and fennel.


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