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KitchenAid Blender recipe - Melon daiquiri

The world famous Daiquiri made easy. Makes 4


10 ice cubes
1 cup (150g) diced cantaloupe/rockmelon
1 cup (150g) diced honey dew melon
120ml (2 x ingredient cap*) lime juice
240ml (4 x ingredient cap*) white rum (Bacardi)
20ml (½ ingredient cap *) orange liqueur
1 tbs caster sugar


Place ice cubes into the blender jug and cover. Select ice crushing, process until ice is roughly chopped.

Add fruit, lime juice, rum, orange liqueur and sugar.

Cover and select speed 5 (Liquify). Process until just smooth.

Serve immediately in your favourite cocktail glasses.


  • The ingredient cap* (situated in the cover of the blender) is excellent for measuring liquid ingredients.

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