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KitchenAid Blender recipe - Almond Milk and Berry Smoothie

A wonderful dairy-free alternative, this quick and wonderful smoothie will start your day out right. You can strain the milk if you want it very smooth, but leaving a little texture is delicious and locks in all the nutrients. Makes 600ml


200g almonds (blanched or skin on)
600ml cold water
1-2 tbs golden syrup or honey (optional)
½ cup frozen berries
Several mint leaves


Place all the ingredients into the blender jug. Cover.

Blend on speed 4 (Puree) for 10 seconds.

Serve immediately.


  • For almond milk, follow the recipe above omitting the berries and mint. The milk can be strained if desired. The milk will begin to separate in time. Simply pulse again for 3-4 seconds and serve.
  • Rice and oat milk can also be made, just use about three times the amount of chilled water to the almonds, cooked and cooled brown rice or raw rolled oats. Add a dash of salt and golden syrup if you like.

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